Two tales of pleas for help ignored, and two different reactions

In New York City, a man thrown onto the subway tracks tries frantically to clamber back onto the platform. For 20 seconds or so (which surely seemed like an eternity) no one lifts a finger to help, as the train bears down on him and ultimately kills him. A photographer (who evidently felt bound - like the crew of the Starship Enterprise -- by some "Prime Directive" forbidding interference) documents the tragedy. He proffers all manner of excuses for his behavior. Across the nation a great hue and cry is raised; people are outraged that such a thing could be allowed to happen. In Benghazi, Libya, American consular personnel are attacked by a mob equipped with military-grade weapons. For some 7 hours (which surely seemed like an eternity) their government, from the president on down, fails to heed their pleas for help; ultimately, four of them are slain, at least one after being tortured. The attack is documented by live video which is watched by those who could order deployment of...(Read Full Post)