'The Crisis of American Self-Government'

Great article in the Wall Street Journal containing an interview with one of the only conservatives on the Harvard faculty, Harvey Mansfield. Mansfield has some interesting comments about the election and liberalism's goals. At one level Mr. Obama's silence reveals the exhaustion of the progressive agenda, of which his presidency is the spiritual culmination, Mr. Mansfield says. That movement "depends on the idea that things will get better and better and progress will be made in the actualization of equality." It is telling, then, that during the 2012 campaign progressives were "confined to defending what they've already achieved or making small improvements-student loans, free condoms. The Democrats are the party of free condoms. That's typical for them." But Democrats' refusal to address the future in positive terms, he adds, also reveals the party's intent to create "an entitlement or welfare state that takes issues off the bargaining table and renders them above...(Read Full Post)