'Sharia Thirsty' Take Solid First Round Lead in Egypt's Constitutional Referendum

Al-Ahram is reporting the ten individual governorate and pooled final results, noting that all these unofficial tallies, are from governorates' presiding judges, except Cairo's, which are from the tallies of the Freedom and Justice Party, the Popular Current operation centre and Al-Jazeera TV network. The Cairo tally favored "No" votes-"No": 1,256,248 (56.9 per cent); "Yes": 950,532 (43.1 per cent) But the overall tally was "Yes": 4,595,311 (56.50 per cent); "No": 3,536,838 (43.50 per cent) These results elicited a predictably crowing response from the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), which asserted, The Egyptian people have expressed their free will in the first stage of the constitutional referendum and have also proved to be highly aware; this is a genuine democratic process The FJP statement maintained further that the apparent approval was motivated by Egyptians' desire for constitutional legitimacy and stability, while claiming the voting...(Read Full Post)