Is a deal near on fiscal cliff?

After conceding on taxes, entitlements, and the debt ceiling vote, Speaker John Boehner got some good news yesterday. Looks like he won't have to hand Obama his shirt too. Politico: President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner made significant progress Monday toward a fiscal cliff deal, as Obama's new offer on tax rates moved the two sides closer to an agreement. But questions remained over whether Boehner could sell the key points to Republicans at a pivotal meeting Tuesday. The progress is fragile, and the next 24 hours are critical as lawmakers from both parties and interest groups on all sides weigh in. Senior Republican aides described the latest offer as a positive step but said the speaker has rejected the president's counteroffer as "unbalanced." The president's $2.4 trillion proposal marks the first time that he has given ground on income tax rates. He would raise rates on household income above $400,000 - up from $250,000 - as part of a plan delivered...(Read Full Post)