Gun-grabber meets karma (updated)

Illinois state senator Donne Trotter has gotten himself into a hole and can't seem to stop digging. You see, the good senator is an advocate of harsh gun control measures, and is an important co-sponsor of Governor Pat Quinn's latest bill banning "assault weapons" and large capacity clips. But on Wednesday, the solon got himself arrested at O'Hare airport for carrying a concealed handgun in his carry-on luggage. After spending a night as a guest of the Chicago Police Department, Senator Trotter got himself bailed out Thursday, and for good measure, vowed to remain in the race to replace Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., which, if successful, would have the virtue of maintaining the moral tenor of the seat, which has been held by such luminaries as ex Black Panther Bobby Rush, and Mel Reynolds, who was convicted of seducing an underage girl while in office. This is the very same congressional seat that Barack Obama unsuccessfully ran for. But Trotter may be getting himself into more hot...(Read Full Post)