Ghettoizing Israel in Australia

The campaign to destroy Israel has many fronts, with information war a critical non-kinetic battlefield. Israel thrives on information, its science, technology, and business prowess strengthening Israel's survivability immeasurably. So the worldwide effort to cut Israeli universities and academics out of international knowledge-sharing ultimately aims to dry up Israel's ability to keep up with world science and technology. The left has taken over the academy not only in America, but almost worldwide. Antonio Gramsci's teachings were acted-upon relatively late in the United States, after all. Andrew Bolt of Australia's Herald Sun calls it Intellectual Racism: Isn't this racism - and the kind of intellectual ghettoisation that creates division, not peace? THE Sydney University's Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies, which has thrown its support behind controversial Palestinian leaders, has cited its boycott of Israel for refusing to help an Israeli civics teacher who has designed...(Read Full Post)