General Norman Schwarzkopf dead at 78

General Norman H. Schwarzkopf, hero of the Gulf War and one of the most esteemed generals in recent US history, died in Florida at the age of 78 yesterday. His death was due to complications arising from a recent bout of pneumonia, according to his sister Ruth. New York Times: In Operation Desert Storm, General Schwarzkopf orchestrated one of the most lopsided victories in modern warfare, a six-week blitzkrieg by a broad coalition of forces with overwhelming air superiority that liberated tiny Kuwait from Iraqi occupation, routed Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard and virtually destroyed Iraq's infrastructure, all with relatively light allied losses. Winning the lightning war was never in doubt and in no way comparable to the traumas of World War II and the Korean conflict, which made Eisenhower and MacArthur into national heroes and presidential timber. But a divisive Vietnam conflict and the cold war had produced no such heroes, and the little-known General Schwarzkopf...(Read Full Post)