Why We Don't Need to Be Bitter

While I found Peggy Noonan's Suzy Sunshine routine a bit much (her saccharine celebration of all things gracious made me want to pick up a Dorothy Parker anthology), I must express some surprise at how fretful and curmudgeonly Republicans are sounding in the wake of the 2012 election. Even some of my American Thinker favorites (whom I won't name) have lapsed into a doomsday-laden, Archie Bunker-style grouchiness that is, to quote a line from 1776 spoken by Blythe Danner, "not only unsightly, but unseemly." Even more perplexing was the anger coming from the victorious Left on Tom Ashbrook's NPR's show, On Point.  In a segment about familial political battles over Thanksgiving dinner, there were preening, vindictive Democrats complaining about relatives who watch Fox News, with one caller urging Obama supporters to gloat in front of Republican relatives and other listeners e-mailing the host to say they planned to snub their parents who voted for Romney at holiday gatherings. All I...(Read Full Post)