Who cares?

Somehow the two political parties have come to be understood by many Americans as follows: Democrats care. Republicans don't care. Or, to be slightly more specific: Democrats care about the middle class and poor people. Republicans only care about the rich. (And all Republicans are rich.) This is a bunch of bunk. And if we don't debunk it we will continue to be doomed. Of course, many other factors may doom us, but this is one powerful bumper-sticker-sized-narrative that will continue to haunt us. Oh, and while we're debunking that false meme, we'd better start exposing every single lie put forth by the left. Every. Single. One. We need to paint a very vivid picture for Americans of where this country is headed. It's not enough to say, "We'll be like Greece." (It's not only too general, but a lot of folks don't even get what that means. Sadly.) Or, "We can't keep growing the size of government." Thomas Sowell spells out so clearly (as usual) the need for our team to become more...(Read Full Post)