Washington readies emergency aid package for Egypt

Should the US congress give Egypt a $450 million emergency aid package? Many supporters of Coptic Christians in Egypt say no. And Morsi's tilt toward Hamas in their conflict with Israel has members of congress questioning the aid. Politico: In Egypt, a lot of people think Mohammed Morsi, their new president, is a faker. "Absolutely," said Perihan Abou-Zeid, a 28-year-old Egyptian officer for a media-production company in Cairo. "He speaks of moderation for the West. But then when Salafists blow up churches, there are no arrest warrants." Or as Raymond Ibrahim, an Egyptian-American Coptic writer, puts it: "Definitely, he's hiding. He was a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. If you are a leader or member of this organization, its logo is that the 'Koran is our constitution.' Whatever comes out of his mouth otherwise, you can't be a Muslim Brotherhood leader and not want Shariah law." All of that is not lost on the U.S. Congress, which is considering a bill to give Egypt $450 million...(Read Full Post)