WaPo's Ombudsman Needs an Ombudsman

In its Sunday, Nov. 25 edition, the Washington Post runs a couple of articles by supposedly neutral and objective observers who are anything but. The more egregiously biased piece is penned by the Post's ombudsman, Patrick B. Pexton, who instead of taking a critical view of the Post's news coverage, turns into its cheerleader. In this instance, he responds to an avalanche of criticism from readers about a front-page color photo that depicted the anguish of a Gaza man holding the shrouded body of his 11-month son. ("Outrage over a front-page photo" page A19). Readers rightly complained that the photograph's stand-alone display on the front page totally ignored the pain and suffering of a million civilians in southern Israel as they were pounded by incessant and mounting rocket barrages. The Post's entire sympathy was with Palestinian victims, while it ignored the suffering of Israelis having only a few seconds to seek refuge in bomb shelters, with parents cradling children afflicted...(Read Full Post)