Walmart picketers rage against the market

The picketing of a few Walmart stores is more about political theater than a genuine attempt to organize workers at any of the particular locales on the receiving end of today's stunt. As American unions have devolved from workers' representatives to political tools of the left, labor bosses like AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka focus their energies on advancing the leftists' narrative. The great project of the left is to replace the market as a means of economic management with government. Government worker unions now dominate the movement, and accordingly, the remaining private sector union workers are being betrayed by their leaders, as for example, the Mine Workers or the Bakers at Hostess. The Walmart action today is great political theater, perfectly timed on a slow news day when shopping is in the news, and the compliant media are eager to gobble up stories beyond the predictable big crowds and sporadic misbehavior among bargain-crazed door-busting proles.  So the left gets to...(Read Full Post)