The Vote of the Conflicted Liberal

Richard Cohen is a very, very disappointed man. The WaPo columnist admits he is disenchanted with President Obama. He thought Obama was going to be RFK in spades. I once wondered if Obama could be another RFK. The president has great political skills and a dazzling smile. He and his wife are glamorous figures. He's a black man, and that matters greatly. He now realizes that Obama is no RFK.  Kennedy's passions were real. While watching a film of RFK in Appalachia and in Mississippi and seeing  Kennedy's  reaction to the "the pitifully emaciated poor,"  he writes, Kennedy brimmed with shock and indignation, with sorrow and sympathy, and was determined -- you could see it on his face -- to do something about it. I've never seen that look on Barack Obama's face. Kennedy's causes were real. But Cohen has come to the "melancholy" conclusion that Obama's are just play acting. Obama's "causes" are out there to make him look good before adoring crowds, "The crowd...(Read Full Post)