The Quiet and the Hamas Sides of the Street

A woman walking past us on San Francisco's Montgomery Street stops to yell at me, though she is standing inches away.  "What's the difference, this side and the other side?"  She points across the street. And before I can speak, she answers herself: "There's no difference!  Right?  Right?" We are standing in the rain near the Israeli Consulate, and the woman is shouting amidst the chorus of shouts from the other side of the street.  Here on the quiet side, there are maybe fifty of us to their hundred and fifty.  They keep pushing against the police barriers and screaming, "Viva, viva, intifada!" and "From the river to the sea, Palestine must be free!" We just stand there, quietly holding American and Israeli flags and signs that say "Hamas: stop using Gaza as a launching pad" and "We stand for Israel; We stand for peace."  The increasingly raging mob screams threateningly from across the street, many of the screamers presenting the backs of their...(Read Full Post)