The Obama Mandate?

Obama to Republicans, "I won. Get over it." At least that is how an article in The New Republic put it. According to The Daily Caller, Obama's first post-election speech indicates he thinks "his re-election is a mandate for his agenda." What mandate? Voters voted for Obama, the media crush, not for his policies. Quite the reverse. On the key issues of the economy, health care, military budget, and the future for their children (hope), here are the latest (November) Rasmussen results. — 48% Trust GOP More to Handle Economy, 44% Trust Democrats — 50% Favor Health Care Repeal, 44% Oppose — 24% Say Today's Children Will Be Better Off Than Their Parents — 29% Say U.S. Doesn't Spend Enough on Defense, 27% Say Too Much Sure the Obama constituency, including the pop-culture zombies and the displaced from Occupy Wall Street and the fans of The Pimp with the Limp, put Obama over the top but most wouldn't know an agenda from a tattoo. Check out this Watters' World interview of Obama...(Read Full Post)