The Latest Sexual Tyranny from the Southern Poverty Law Center

This just came in off the wire at Advocate: the Southern Poverty Law Center is financing a lawsuit against JONAH, an organization that offers Jews "new alternatives to homosexuality."  Here is how the Advocate reports it: SPLC, along with two law firms, filed the suit on behalf of four young men who had used the service and two of their parents. This is the first time a "conversion therapy" practitioner has been directly sued for deceptive practices, SPLC officials said. "JONAH profits off of shameful and dangerous attempts to fix something that isn't broken," said SPLC deputy legal director Christine P. Sun. "Despite the consensus of mainstream professional organizations that conversion therapy doesn't work, this racket continues to scam vulnerable gay men and lesbians out of thousands of dollars and inflicts significant harm on them." On its website, the Southern Poverty Law Center says, "Conversion therapy is a dangerous practice based on the premise that people can change...(Read Full Post)