Tea Party Alive and Well - Democrats Scared

The Democrats are obsessed with the Tea Party movement. Just last week Washington Post columnist E.J.Dionne declared "Tea Party thinking..dead." What's so hilarious is the inherent contradiction in Dionne's argument. So close to the election no Obama media minion will waste time on a supposedly defunct, irrelevant group of people whose time has come and gone. Yet the media driven lies about the Tea Party Movement abound in Dionne's op-ed. What should engage us more is that a movement that won the 2010 elections with a bang is trying to triumph just two years later on the basis of a whimper...It turns out that there was no profound ideological conversion of the country two years ago. We remain the same moderate and practical country we have long been. The fired up crowds greeting the Romney/Ryan duo in states from Colorado to Ohio to Virginia in 2012 must have reminded Dionne of the groundswell of conservative, anti-Obamacare, Taxed Enough Already folks who showed up in DC...(Read Full Post)