State offers ten bucks for young women's sex secrets

State offers ten bucks for young women's sex secrets The conceit of the social engineers of the liberal elite has found vivid expression in the state of Florida. There, the state Department of Health is handing out $10 gift cards to nubile young women (targeting the ages 18-24) if they fill out a 46-question survey, probing the most intimate details of their sexual self-expression. Btittany Wallman of the Sun-Sentinel writes: State officials said the unprecedented, $45,000 survey will help them understand women's need for and approach to family-planning services. Hundreds of women in South Florida were among the survey recipients, their names pulled from the white pages by a private company, state officials said. They were asked to voluntarily tell the state how many men they'd had sex with in the past year, whether a man had ever poked holes in a condom to get them pregnant, and how they felt emotionally when they last had unprotected sex. The language of the questions is...(Read Full Post)