Romney is to blame for his own defeat

We've read a lot of post election analysis suggesting it was superstorm Sandy, or Hispanics, or Obama's superior ground game that led to Romney's defeat. There have even been several articles hinting that Romney himself is to blame, largely because he listened to consultants, or his GOTV operation was screwed up, or he wasn't conservative enough. But I think this piece by Michael Hirsh in National Journal distills the essence of Romney's problem: But in the end, Obama secured a second historic election victory-in the face of staggering unemployment-largely because the alternative portrait that Romney presented to the country was far too incomplete. By failing to fill in critical details that would have fleshed out both his personality and his policies, the Republican challenger gave the American people a mere pencil sketch of a candidate. It wasn't enough, and it was much too abstract. Too many voters couldn't figure out which Romney would show up in the Oval Office. Would it...(Read Full Post)