Our 'smart' diplomacy at work

You must read this entire post by John Hinderaker at Power Line to get the full import of the predictable disaster that has befallen American interests in the Middle East as a result of Egyptian President Morsi's power grab. Here's the guts of it: I am so confused! When anti-Mubarak demonstrators gathered in Tahrir Square and were met with tear gas, they represented the Arab Spring. So what do these anti-Morsi demonstrators represent? Are they Arab Spring too? Or Arab Autumn? Or maybe the seasonal analogies are no longer operative. The France 24 news report continues: The rival demonstrations - which took place in several Egyptian cities Friday - exposed the deep divisions in the world's most populous Arab nation five months after Morsi was elected with a 51% sliver of a majority. What a coincidence! Obama got 51% too. So far, however, I haven't heard anyone refer to Obama's "sliver of a majority." But never mind that-I am still really, really confused! Mubarak was our...(Read Full Post)