Our Freedoms Are Not Easily Wrought

We left Portland at 3:30 PM for a seventeen hour flight to Seoul.  We chased the sun deep into Asia before it finally set a little before flying over Japan, about two hours from Seoul.  In the late 1980's, prior to 9/11, we were highly fortunate to spend some time with the aviators in the cockpit of that MD-11 triple engine jet airliner.  Those pilots explained just about everything in that cockpit and answered all of our questions - gracious and interesting men.  They even turned off the autopilot momentarily and exhibited just how difficult it is to fly a 600,000 pound jet airliner with 300 passengers. Our purpose for flying to Korea was to help build a small church at a Christian university in Chonan, South Korea.  The 25 minute drive from Kimpo International to the bright lights of downtown Seoul moved my spirit as deep as anything ever has.  As I gazed out the windows, I noticed small red crosses dotting the landscape.  With every sense in me on...(Read Full Post)