Now Is the Winter of Our Discontent

In Shakespeare's Richard III, the Duke of Gloucester wins a military campaign, later becoming Richard III and bringing tyranny and calamity to his opponents and the realm.  So, too, the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama as president of the USA will likely usher in an irrevocable death blow to America's love of freedom and ability to overcome tyranny at home and abroad. Obama's re-election has brought upon us a desolating period for our beloved America.  It is a tragedy of grievous proportions for this country and for the few remaining allies we have left in the world.  This president has stirred up class warfare and social division in America -- a genie which, now released, may never return to its mythical lamp. I never felt comfortable with the euphoria expressed by many in the conservative ranks prior to the election.  I feared three main reasons why Obama and the ever-left-leaning Democratic Party would defeat us. The first was the mainstream media, which...(Read Full Post)