More Biased Photo Coverage at the Washington Post

In its Nov. 15 edition, the Washington Post features at the top of the front page a four-column color photograph of an anguished Gaza father holding what the caption describes as the body of his son. The full caption reads: "Jihad Masharawi weeps as he holds the body of 11-month-old son, Ahmed, at al-Shifta hospital after an Israeli airstrike in Gaza City. The Israeli military said its assassination of Hamas's military chief marks the beginning of an operation against Gaza-based militants." It goes without saying that the Post never gave such prominent, dramatic, front-page position in the paper to a photograph of a weeping Israeli parent during months and years of rocket attacks on civilian populations in southern Israel. Palestinian suffering counts for more than Israeli suffering at the Post. In fact, the Post itself makes this crystal-clear in the same Nov. 15 edition by featuring in the middle of Page A14 another four-column, color photo of Israelis huddling in a bomb...(Read Full Post)