Maryland DREAM Act - a Testbed for the Nation -

Following passage of Maryland's DREAM Act last year - which grants in-state college tuition to illegal aliens - a small group of dedicated and resourceful warriors, led by Del. Neil Parrot and Help Save Maryland's Brad Botwin, with assistance from Del. Pat McDonough, succeeded in putting the law up for Referendum this November. It was a heroic effort. Volunteers braved the streets in the face of militant opposition coordinated between extremist left wing groups and even some police, weathered attacks and street protests to obtain petition signatures. They collected 137,000 petitions, more than twice the 55,736 signatures needed - 30 percent from Democrats. I wrote about the whole thing last year, here, here and here. Then followed a year-and-a-half-long battle, in which the Democrats rolled out the indescribably despicable DNC chief lawyer, Joseph Sandler to launch multiple frivolous lawsuits and investigations, while O'Malley's state allies engaged in the Democrats' now routine...(Read Full Post)