Liberals Want It Both Ways on Women

Women - that's all we heard about in the 2012 election. Who they voted for and why, married and unmarried, the role of government in their lives, equal pay, government subsidized birth control and on and on. The media told us they were late deciders but no one told us why. Were they not paying attention? Could they not make up their minds? Liberals seem to want to empower women. That's what they tell us 24/7. However, liberals also want to carve out special privileges for liberal women beyond those of conservative women, not to mention men. But here is the problem. Either women can wield power just as men ( the right answer) or they are victims worthy of pity. It can't be both. The public at large has been letting liberals get away with both. Two cases in point. President Obama, in his press conference, defended UN Ambassador Susan Rice from criticism on the Benghazi incident, telling Republican politicians to not go after her but instead "come after me." It was as if he were saying,...(Read Full Post)