Jesse Jackson Jr. Reported Plea Bargaining

In August, I suggested that Jesse Jackson Jr. picked the Mayo Clinic for his health care because he wanted to check out his new home.  If he accepts this deal, which is said to include some jail time, he most likely will be heading back to Rochester, Minnesota soon,  as it is home of the Federal Bureau of Prisons' facility for specialized medical and mental health services for male inmates. There he will be assessed and treated at taxpayer expense by an excellent medical staff, though I suspect he will find the other amenities were more to his liking when he was at the Mayo's Psychiatry Treatment Center, which is part of Saint Marys Hospital. Or maybe Congressman Jackson had been one of the many patients at Mayo who eschew the hospital to stay at one of the luxury hotels that are directly connected to the Mayo Clinic by skyways and tunnels.    The Bureau of Prisons' Rochester facility has housed some very dangerous people over the years and...(Read Full Post)