It's second thoughts Sunday for 2008 Obama supporters

Today looks like a very bad day for President Obama's campaign, as former 2008 supporters are having second thoughts. Beneath the radar of most media elitists, the nation's observant Catholics (a demographic slice that favored Obama in 2008) are hearing from their leadership. Andrew Malcom of IBD is almost the only major journalist to notice: As a result of what Catholic church leaders regard as some blatant double-dealing by the Democrat president on his ObamaCare regulations, the church has quietly launched a massive national information campaign among millions of church faithful. Catholics are famously independent when it comes to their votes. Even if they were voting simply by religion, both vice presidential nominees are Roman Catholics, the first such time in U.S. history. However, in such an apparently close contest, the switch of even a few hundred thousand votes in the right states could well suck sufficient ballots away from Obama to swing next Tuesday's election...(Read Full Post)