Is Petraeus Falling on His Sword?

Was General Petraeus told by the Obama administration to fall on his sword? Was the general told he would be exposed unless he clammed up about Benghazi? Did he decide to blow his own cover before the president could? Could it be he is sitting on stuff that would tempt some in congress to consider the president's impeachment -- and Obama knows it? There are so many unanswered questions. But it certainly it is a bit odd that Petraeus's resignation happened several days after the election and several days before he would have testified about Benghazi. It would not be the first time self-immolation was ordered so that a dear leader could survive. Remember, Petraeus refused to go along with the administration's storyline about Benghazi, disassociating himself and the CIA from the whole debacle. It could be he was ordered to resign. Failure to do so might have meant his affair would be plastered over the media and the mistress targeted. So maybe Petraeus chose to fall on his sword,...(Read Full Post)