Iran speeds up, expands nuke enrichment

But seriously folks, Iran says they want to negotiate. (Ba-Bum-Bum): Iran has expanded its enrichment capacity and is enriching uranium at a pace that would bring it to what Israel has declared an unacceptable red line in just over seven months, according to a report by the UN nuclear watchdog. The International Atomic Energy Agency also found that Iranian technicians had removed the fuel rods from the country's only functioning nuclear power station at Bushehr, suggesting the new reactor has serious problems. Iran did not tell IAEA inspectors what those problems were. The IAEA quarterly report on Iran's nuclear programme was released just days before the expected launch of a new diplomatic initiative to resolve the international impasse over the issue. It also comes soon after Israeli official stated that the red line drawn by Israel's prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, during his UN appearance in September, represented 240kg of 20%-enriched uranium, enough to make a warhead...(Read Full Post)