In Defense of Michael Medved

The case for Clinton-era-style spending rates could easily be made two years ago, and things haven't changed much since.  As an example, education rose a total of only six percent in Clinton's last six years (when the GOP had Congress), yet it exploded by more than 110% in Bush's first six years. I am glad that conservative talk show host Michael Medved has touched on this point in the Daily Beast.  His focus is not on annual increased or decreases of spending in raw or inflation adjusted dollars, but rather on spending as a percent of GDP.  Yet he makes the argument all the same. But some on the left retort that domestic spending rates need to be higher now because the economy is very bad, whereas in the 1990s the economy was booming.  My response to this is as follows: 1) Clinton hiked spending on infrastructure and education at a slower rate than did Bush 43, and certainly slower than Obama.  These categories do not have more or less of a need to be taken...(Read Full Post)