Hoping for Change

I assumed the stock market would have already factored an Obama win and that it would not have seen the 400 point drop that occurred in the few days after the election. But before we use that retreat to confirm the upcoming disaster of Obama's continued economic policies be ready to explain what happens when the Dow recovers. The large public companies and the stock market they occupy will likely continue to do OK for two reasons.  There is no other place to go with money. Money market funds and treasuries pay next to nothing. Interest rates have nowhere to go but up and thus bond prices are likely to fall. Real estate is flat and hard to borrow against. Real estate was long supported by the leverage it enjoyed turning small appreciations into superior returns. And gold is at nosebleed  levels. It could rise on fear of inflation but it has a long way to drop.  I am further fearful of the massive advertising selling gold. These ads sell the fear of a weakening dollar,...(Read Full Post)