Election night blog

The presidential race is still too close to call, but as of 10:15 PM EST, Mitt Romney's path to victory is getting narrow, as states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota, which appeared to be possibilities for upsets have gone for Obama. Florida remains very tight, and is almost certain to be subject to a recall. Ohio remains a must-win, and is too close to call. The news in Senate races is very bad indeed for Republicans. Hoped for victories in Massachusetts, Indiana, Missouri, and Connecticut have evaporated. It looks likely that Democrats will add to their Senate majority, despite having had far more seats up for grab than Republicans. The GOP is almost certain to retain control of the House, and could even add to its margin there, quite an anomalous situation with the Senate. Those conservatives who hoped for a sweeping victory are disappointed, to say the least. Readers are invited to comment.(Read Full Post)