Diagnosing Decline

I once heard a radio host say that disease was "one part genetics, one part lifestyle, and one part mystery" and I think this breakdown is also applicable to analyzing the "disease" or decline of a nation. The "genetic" part of a nation is the structure of its government, its laws, its military, and the power checks (or lack thereof) which are present in its political system, as well as its geography and natural resources. The "lifestyle" part of a nation is the morality of its people. The "mystery" part is the factors which no one can control or necessarily predict - natural disasters, unexpected attacks, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time in history, or, conversely, being the right place at the right time or experiencing a positive reversal of fate. Genetics Although a nation cannot flourish without a moral populace, a moral populace can be limited by the genetic boundaries of its government. The Puritans of New England were a moral people, but their early...(Read Full Post)