Can Romney's loss help Republicans?

Just ten days after the election, it already looks like rough sledding ahead for whoever sits in the Oval Office.  And the fact that it is not Mitt Romney may ultimately help Republicans. Bret Stephens writes in the Wall Street Journal: And though I have my anxieties about the president's next term, I also have a hunch the GOP dodged a bullet with Mr. Romney's loss. ... the GOP dodged ownership of the second great recession, which will inevitably hit when the Federal Reserve can no longer float the economy in pools of free money. When that happens, Barack Obama won't have George W. Bush to kick around. Stephens's point -- that the wreckage of the past four years now belongs to Obama -- resonates in light of current events: The stock market has nose-dived since the election, and October's $120-billion deficit is the start of a fifth straight $1-trillion-plus annual deficit -- not to mention that the economy and jobs are growing at a snail's pace. A back-loaded ObamaCare is...(Read Full Post)