Barack Obama and the Cult of Dependency

Barack Obama has won the 2012 presidential race. We will hear from the left that this amounts to America's rejection of conservative principles. The media will posit that the American people heard Mitt Romney's message, thought about it from each and every angle, and decided on principle and merit to support the president. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. For millions of Americans who pulled the lever for Obama in this election, there was never any contemplation about ideology or the merits of Mitt Romney's message. And this election certainly does not signify a center-right nation's rejection of center-right conservatism in favor of Obama's leftist extremism. No, what this election signifies is that we conservatives can no longer find solace in the comforting hope that there are enough rational people in this country to overcome the ideologically infected social engineers that cannibalize American liberty while leading their mindless flock to worship at the...(Read Full Post)