Today I did a terrible thing. Well, no, two terrible things: 1. I verbally attacked a nonvoter. 2. I lied to a friend. The Attack: Everyone reading this knows that turnout in this election was critical, and we also know that we fell well short of the mark in voter mobilization. And therein lies my greatest shame: neither did I press my case well enough, nor behave graciously post-election. To the nonvoter I know I was vicious, needlessly so. For this I am deeply remorseful. I resorted to the lowbrow tactics of the left. I castigated the nonvoter, relentlessly hammering the idea that by sitting the election out, she was assisting in the demise of the country. In that instant I was all of the things I hate most about so-called progressives. Sadly, I saw this in hindsight. Now I must make amends, for the nonvoter on whom I unleashed my fury was my Mother. The Lie: Ahh the mixed political relationship. All other things being equal, this is the most dangerous blend. Faced with the choice...(Read Full Post)