About that Iranian nuclear yield graph...

Yesterday, I posted a story from the Associated Press on a document discovered by the IAEA inspectors that purported to show that Tehran was modelling the potential yields of a nuclear weapon. Today, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has published a rebuttal: This week the Associated Press reported that unnamed officials "from a country critical of Iran's nuclear program" leaked an illustration to demonstrate that "Iranian scientists have run computer simulations for a nuclear weapon that would produce more than triple the explosive force of the World War II bomb that destroyed Hiroshima." The article stated that these officials provided the undated diagram "to bolster their arguments that Iran's nuclear program must be halted." The graphic has not yet been authenticated; however, even if authentic, it would not qualify as proof of a nuclear weapons program. Besides the issue of authenticity, the diagram features quite a massive error, which is unlikely to have been ...(Read Full Post)