About That 'Facility'

As was noted on AT recently, a retired State Department Foreign Service Officer said: "Our Benghazi facility was a half-baked operation. It was not a consulate. It was a 'facility' with an ambiguous purpose, at least as far as the unclassified world is concerned." If it was not a consulate, then it was not sovereign United States territory.  This fact has important legal consequences -- as was only just touched upon (at ~13:00, but pick up at ~10:00 for full context) by Newt Gingrich on Fox News in his appearance on Greta Van Susteren's Oct. 30 show (caution: auto-play). One of these consequences may be that the United States had no "legal" authority under international law unilaterally to violate sovereign Libyan airspace by sending in a military force or by engaging attackers with U.S. aircraft, irrespective of the fact that U.S. citizens, including an ambassador, were the ones being attacked. The purpose of this "facility" and its associated "safe-house" is increasingly...(Read Full Post)