A Viral Infection is Always More Difficult to Cure than to Prevent

A viral infection is always more difficult to cure than to prevent.  Once the infection gets into the system, the battle to reverse its ill effects is a long and arduous one.  It can, at times, be terminal. Thus, prevention is always the preferred course.  Hospitals and public facilities spend much time, money, and effort to keep viral infections from ever gaining a foothold.  But we as Americans ignored the threat. Our country now has been infected with the Nanny State Virus (NSV).  Four years ago, we were angry over the fiscal turndown.  So we sought to fix things by electing an unproven, slick talking, promise wielding, virus carrying salesman from Chicago.  Yes, we looked for salvation to the political machine of CHICAGO!!!!! Maybe it was partially guilt over not ever yet having had a black President.  Maybe it was the vision created by the promises heaped upon us by the untried Mr. Obama.  Maybe it was the anger over the...(Read Full Post)