A sad day

'It is an American tragedy that President Obama, the most incompetent, the most ignorant, divisive, and the most arrogant man ever to hold the office, has been reelected.  It is a sad commentary on the quality of knowledge of the Americans who voted to reelect a man who has done so much damage to the American economy and to our place in the world?  A man who has increased our debt to the point that every man, woman and child owes a quarter of a million dollars to the government for its horrific irresponsibility. Who on earth are the people of Massachusetts who elected the odious Elizabeth Warren to be their senator?  Are they so brain-damaged by academic indoctrination that they no longer recognize right from wrong, good from evil?   It appears so.  Those who voted for Warren have no interest in character, decency, or honesty.  They care only about their agenda and fail to grasp the damage their ideology does to the nation, let alone their...(Read Full Post)