A Good Man

Watching one of Mitt Romney's final stump speeches in Ohio, I noticed something telling. Mitt's wife Ann finished introducing her husband and, as the crowd cheered Mitt to the podium, Ann turned and started toward the stairs leading down from the platform. Instead of stepping up to the mic amidst the thunderous applause, however, Mitt followed his wife, took her by the arm and made sure she made it safely to the steps and the support of the railing. This was the natural reaction of a truly caring man, of a loving husband, of a gracious gentleman. This is the man who must be our next president. Peggy Noonan put another brushstroke to the man and his campaign with her latest column. From yesterdays' "Monday Morning" blog, Ms. Noonan writes: All the vibrations are right. A person who is helping him [Romney] who is not a longtime Romneyite told me, yesterday: "I joined because I was anti Obama -- I'm a patriot, I'll join up. But now I am pro-Romney." Why? "I've spent time with him and I...(Read Full Post)