Your Land Is My Land

Woody Guthrie's "This Land Is Your Land" has always been a favorite of the left, and lately I've heard it reprised more and more often in leftwing circles. It was the subject of a National Public Radio story in July 2000. It was featured on the soundtrack of the anti-agribusiness documentary Food, Inc. in 2008. And, notably, it was performed by Bruce Springsteen and Pete Seeger at the Obama inaugural celebration in January 2009. The Boss is now touring with Obama himself in hopes of getting him re-elected. It's not clear whether he intends to perform "This Land is Your Land" and, if so, whose land he is referring to. Probably all those small business owners whose taxes Obama is raising on January 1. With the death tax scheduled to return to 55% on estates above $1 million, they'll be handing over their farms to government because they can't afford to pay the taxes. Composed in 1940 (as a response to "God Bless America," (which Guthrie detested) but not widely released until 1956,...(Read Full Post)