You Weren't so 'FAST' at 3:00 am, Obama...

One of my first thoughts when I heard that our consulate in Benghazi had been overrun with four Americans being killed was, where was FAST (Fleet Anti-terrorist Security Team)? While I read news reports that special operations units in Europe had been alerted, I couldn't help but wonder, where were the troops specifically trained for such a mission? It wasn't until today that I learned a FAST team had indeed been dispatched to Benghazi, but not until after the fatal attack. Had minimal foresight been exercised by the Obama administration, one of the most highly-trained and little-known, quick-response specialty units in the Marine Corps could have been on site in anticipation of heightened violence on September 11th, which as my wife reminded me, was the eleventh anniversary of 9/11, making it even more meaningful to Muslim terrorist planners. The Marine Corps Security Force Regiment, headquartered in the Norfolk, Virginia area, whose primary mission is naval security and...(Read Full Post)