Whitewashing the Language

If we ever needed proof that our country has spawned too many bureaucrats with too little to do, a recent directive from the State Department's sensitivity police is Exhibit A. Employees of State were told not to use such offensive terms as "hold down the fort", "rule of thumb", "handicap", or "Dutch treat".  Apparently these locutions could prevent North Korea and Iran from trashing their nuclear programs. Oh, for the good old days when our public servants spent their working hours surfing porn sites. Ridiculous attempts at sensitivity are nothing new: Recall the hullabaloo when a white aide to Washington, D.C.'s black mayor used the word "niggardly" to describe certain aspects of that city's budget? A couple of weeks ago we almost lost "shackles" and "chains" but apparently, for the time being, some folks are still allowed to mention them -- as long as they use the right accent in front of the right audience. Respecting people's feelings is commendable, but should a great...(Read Full Post)