Obama's Facial Expressions Lost the Debate for Him

What happened in Benghazi? You wouldn't know by listening to the two candidates in last night's debate. But I'll tell you one thing I learned after watching an hour and a half of split-screen -- Obama has one angry looking jaw. I think that in the next Presidential election the Democrats will forbid split-screen. Mitt Romney looked Presidential and reasonable.  Barack Obama looked mad.  At one point I thought he was going to lean over and poke Mitt in the eye with his chinny, chin chin. Who is this crazy upstart Barack Obama, challenging the 45th President? Oh...wait a minute... I think last night's battle was a tie or even a victory for Barack Obama, but it is pyrrhic in nature because he is clearly losing the war.  And by the look on his face, he knows it.  Romney agreed with Obama on so many things I thought they were going to kiss and make up.  Not that there's anything wrong with that. But...that jaw...would have only gotten in the way. If you really want...(Read Full Post)