What Biden Really Knows about the 47%

In the vice presidential debate, Paul Ryan defended Romney's comment that forty-seven percent of the people don't pay taxes and are takers.  He said that "[t]he vice president surely knows ... that sometimes the words don't come out of your mouth the right way." Ryan was light and funny, while Biden was coarse, bitter, supercilious, and sneering.  He thinks that Romney is removed from the people.  But does Biden really think that he himself is "the people"?  He doesn't realize how removed from the common herd he is when he walks around with the moniker "vice president of the United States."  He is farther from the middle class than either Ryan or Romney.  Yet he defends them like he is a manager at a Burger King. Biden says, "But I always say what I mean."  But with his irrational daily comments, not even he knows what he means, nor do we.  He claims he is the knight of the middle class, but the other day he said that the middle class has been...(Read Full Post)