We Air Honest Ads, Black Detroit Host Gets Outraged

Patriots, we are still on the road on the Rebuild America Defeat Obama bus tour.  It has been over a month, and Mary really misses Sammy, our greyhound, and Marilyn, her cat.  I miss Sammy, but not the cat. Anyway, I was interviewed on the morning drive talk radio show, Inside Detroit with Mildred Gaddis.  The liberal black host and her callers were pretty POed at me for being a black man chairing the Campaign To Defeat Barack Obama. They began the interview by airing our Barack Obama's Legacy of Failure ad.  The host attacked me, claiming that fact-checkers confirm that our ad is full of lies.  Of course, I defended our ad as being dead on target and alleged that her so-called "fact-checkers" were Obama sycophant hacks.  Well, things went downhill from there.  Enraged callers chimed in with "Mr. Marcus, I am sooooo angry at you!" To their credit, we battled for three segments on the radio without the host or her furious callers calling me a...(Read Full Post)