Todd Akin: It's the Majority, Stupid

Missourians who are alarmed by America's continuing slide into national decline need to vote on November 6 for Todd Akin for the U.S. Senate.  Before explaining why, some background: First, I didn't vote for Mr. Akin in Missouri's August 7 Republican primary; I voted for Sarah Steelman.  Ms. Steelman got my vote because I felt she might have the better shot at defeating the incumbent, Democrat Claire McCaskill -- as Dick Morris put it on Fox News, "[i]t takes a woman to beat a woman."  But my gal lost.  So when Akin made his unfortunate remark about abortion, I dashed off a quick blog about a write-in candidacy.  I even suggested Steelman.  But no plausible write-in candidate has emerged. Second, to give my endorsement of Akin added salience, know that I disagree with Akin on abortion.  Yes, I'm a "pro-choice" Republican.  But I'm voting for Akin anyway because there are far more urgent problems confronting America than the remote possibility...(Read Full Post)