'The unreality of the last 4 years'

Wall Street Journal writer Dorothy Rabinowitz has a brilliant piece on the Obama administration's denial of reality for the last 4 years, specifically as it relates to Libya: All administrations conceal, falsify and tell lies-this is understood-but there's no missing the distinctive quality of the prevaricating issuing from the White House in these four years. It's a quality on vivid display now in the administration's mesmerizing narrative of the assault on the U.S. consulate in Libya. Here's a memorable picture, its detail brutally illuminating, of Obama and company in crisis mode over their conflicting stories about who knew what when. The resulting costs to truth-telling and sanity, or even the appearance thereof, are clear. Nor can we forget the strong element of farce-think U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice on those five Sunday talk shows, reciting with unflagging fervor that official talking point regarding mob violence and a YouTube video. Farce, but no one is laughing. Team Obama...(Read Full Post)