The Single Most Overrated Scientific Myth

In honor of Columbus Day, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill of Columbia University has posted a list of The 15 Most Overrated White People. Now, Prof. Hill's exercise is ridiculous on so many levels that it's difficult to decide which are the most objectionable. Suffice to say, this is the kind of buffoonery that is inevitable when you view the world through race-colored glasses. And that's as true of Prof. Hill's view as it is of the KKK's or the New Black Panthers'. Look, isn't it time we dispensed with all the "race" nonsense, once and for all? The fact is, categorizing humanity by "race" as has been happening for all these centuries is simply not a scientifically valid proposition. There is just one race of people on this planet, the human race. Skin color defines a person about as much as hair color, eye color, or the length of the second toe on the right foot. It's a scientific fact that skin color cannot be discerned through DNA testing. If you doubt me, check it out. And skin color is not...(Read Full Post)